We help you to go from a busy life to smart work, saving you time and getting you more results, by using the right tools and global connections.

Being a Wedding Creator is not easy sometimes. And it's definitely not for everybody, right? 


This is probably your life today:


  • No time for anything

  • Dealing with the pressure of one time events. No room for mistakes during the wedding day

  • Super busy all the time

  • Constantly concerned and working to get more sales

  • Not there yet on your money goal

  • Feeling alone sometimes, and upset with the unfair competition (lower prices) 

I also know that you have BIG dreams!


You want to:


  • Make more money

  • Have more time for yourself and for your family

  • Work less and still have goods results

  • Organise your business so things can happen easily

  • Get more time to do the things that you love, create more, and even travel so you can learn from other cultures

I feel you!

The best part of this, you can have it all!

Plus an amazing community behind you to support your dreams and fight for you.

Having like-minded people by your side, will give you the tools and vibe that you need to achieve whatever you want!


Here’s what other Wedding Creators have to say about the Belief Community

I had the opportunity to be featured in an international magazine for the 1st time and write an article about my country.

If you are looking for inspiration, challenges and a new business perspective you should definitely become a Beliefer. I have learnt a lot and I feel that the power of a community is all you need to become successful and stand out in your business.

Thanks Belief for the constant inspiration, support and sparkle.

Jossy Quezada

Member since 2018

Being a part of an International Community definitely has strengthened my business and my image.

I love it.

Evelyn Paz


Member since 2018

When you ask yourself why belief, this is why. Being a member of belief has offered me the opportunity to bond and connect with colleagues internationally so that I not only can continue to grow my destination division but most importantly so that I can trust my clients in their hands.

Jacqueline Vazquez

Member since 2015

Meet Giovana 

Hello hello, I’m Giovana. Mom of two, married to my best friend, book lover, extrovert. I can’t drink coffee or I get super hipper. Born in Brazil, founded Belief in NY, and now I live in Italy. I have been working in the wedding industry for over a decade, and after a frustrating try to connect with other wedding planners in different countries, I decided to create an online platform that could become the home of wedding creators. But what I love the most is seeing people connecting, transforming their lives, making more money, and taking over the world together.


One of the coolest things that we have is the Creators Journey!

I designed this to make it easier for you to discover where you are and where you want to be.

Giving you all the tools and step by step to move forward.


  • You are a wedding planner and/or wedding designer

  • You want to scale your business, make more money, and have better results but feels a little bit lost what is your next step

  • You would like to connect for real with other Wedding Creators

  • You are full of ideas and need to open your horizon to implement everything

  • You are willing to do the work

There is no perfect time.

There is  Action ! 

1 - you keep doing what you are doing now OR

2 - you take the leap and try something different for a different result


Now imagine you one year from now in both situations. 

If you want to have new results, you need to start doing now, not tomorrow.


  • 5 modules to start your path on the Creators Journey. You will have a welcome party on October 21 with us. Get your notebook and find us there! 

  • Our Holiday Party will be on December 11!
    I have the feeling that you will want to be there. Surprises are waiting for you! 


  • 1 topic per month led by me. Always focusing on branding, business strategies, and networking opportunities for new projects. Starts in January.

  • 1 topic per month led by a special guest. Guests as editors and journalists, specialists, will be there for you! 

  • Twice per year the Belief Awards (the only international contest only for Wedding Creators). Entries will be open now in November for the 12th edition.

  • Belief Travel is the program where you will be able to travel around the world and participate in real weddings! Where do you want to go? 

  • Daily inspirational emails with virtual hugs and tips

  • Give back to the community and celebrate love with the Two+Us Weddings.


  • Have your own profile page and be part of the international directory only with Wedding Creators 

  • Get your members’ badge and let your clients know that you are part of a global network

  • Submit for press opportunities and be featured worldwide



Get a roadmap of all 5 stages of the Creators Journey and discover what you should do next to get the results that you want. It’s easy, practical, and perfect to help you to achieve your goals. 



This bundle is full of goodies! Step by step as 39 ideas of templates to save you time, a list with 60 questions (and ideas) to help you to write your content while answering your audience questions, a guide to help you detect overwhelming things and take the next step to solve your daily tasks problems, and more! 



This is a two-day, live, in-person workshop led personally by me. There are no words to express how powerful is to be in the same room with other wedding creators. I’ll be personally walk you through designing new strategies to your business in these two days. The event will be in Turin, Italy - we’re still finalizing the dates, but will likely be in June 2020. We will open to sell the tickets to the general public for $397, and it’s included in your membership when you choose the annual payment plan. 



Plus You Get These Extra Bonuses:


BONUS: the chance to be one of the guests of our brand new Podcast (launch in December)


BONUS: The Facebook Beliefers Group

There is pure gold in this group, it’s where you will get the chance to connect with other wedding creators from more than 30 different countries, share your knowledge, ask for help, and take advantage of all of these people. 


BONUS: Creators Lounge
Additional training on how to go beyond your goals with our weekly meetings, the Creators Lounge. You will be able to submit your questions, interact with other creators, and we will work together to solve your problems. 

BONUS: members Dashboard

Your new home, the Belief Community members’ area. You will have access to all the programs, submit your work for the press inquiries, participate in all the opportunities that we are working for you. Wedding Creators join Belief only for that! It will be yours to create your profile page and promote your work as well.

How the Creators Journey will transform your life and business?


  •  #1 

    Focus on You

    Go deep on your struggles so you can adjust focusing on your growth. Build a strong base and impact your future.

  •  #2 

    Focus on Clarity

    Create your storytelling, know your audience, and make quick changes for big results. Be clear on your goals and start taking action.

  •  #3 

    Focus on Strategy

    It’s time to work on your brand strategy, make your network stronger, connect with the international press. Watch the big results showing up.

  •  #4 

    Focus on Habits

    Make your life easier by building your systems, creating your processes, improving your leadership, and growing your following.

  •  #5 

    Focus on Impact

    Think one season ahead, give back to the community, work on your big money goals, and impact other people’s lives. You are not here to be average!


Belief has been helping hundreds of wedding creators since 2015 to transform their businesses and lives

Grateful and proud to be part of this amazing community! I had great results as being featured overseas and bringing me more clients because of that! Much love to this big family!

Valentina Lombardi


Member since 2015

I love being part of Belief. I love being a Beliefer! It changed so much my life and career, that I will be here forever. This is so great and I am so happy to see bridges being built, connections getting stronger and a group of incredible professionals with no fear to share, talk and work together.

Rui mota Pinto


Member since 2015

The excitement of joining a community like nothing that exists in the world. With like-minded people that Pursue the same dream of helping others grow their business while learning from each other.

Ilse Diamant


Member since 2015

What will happen when you join the community?

Get ready for a Welcome Party on October 21! I’ll be hosting an online party to welcome you to the community with other amazing creators! Get your drink, snack, and join us!


Even if Belief is not a course, it’s important for you to go over the 5 stages of the Creators Journey so you can make sure where you are, what are the next steps and where you want to be.

Important: this will be available for you ALL the time! I truly believe in working together, so I want to make you comfortable with all the things that we are doing, and take action before 2020.


It will be beautiful!!


Do you want to know what you are up to when you become part of the community this week?

We have BIG things happening inside the family in November. 



Belief Awards

the entries will be open from November 18 to 25


Belief Retreat in Panama

November 10 - 15 (if you cannot attend, we will have something special for you!)

Yes, we are doing a LOT of things together. Can you imagine been out of this? 

Or even worse, can you imagine other people in your area part of Belief and you not?

Take action today, and   make 2020 your best year yet  



Billed Monthly


  • No contracts + ongoing commitment

  • Private FB Group

  • Weekly virtual meetings

  • Press opportunities

  • Bonus tools, downloads + resources

  • Belief Awards participation

  • Other programs as Belief Travel, Two+Us

  • Priority for the Wedding Book, Belief Retreat

  • Special prices and discounts



Get 2 months FREE

+ ticket to BELIEF LIVE 2020 in Italy

  • 1 year of membership

  • Private FB Group

  • Weekly virtual meetings

  • Press opportunities

  • Bonus tools, downloads + resources

  • Belief Awards participation

  • Other programs as Belief Travel, Two+Us

  • Priority for the Wedding Book, Belief Retreat

  • Special prices and discounts

  • Get 2 months FREE + ticket to BELIEF LIVE 2020 in Italy

30 days money back guarantee

First, if you don’t like what we are doing inside our community, I will gladly refund you

Second, if you find that what we are sharing with you it’s not absolutely amazing, I will refund you

Third, if you discover that we are taking action together and getting results and this is not for you, I will refund you ;) 

Whatever your reason may be, if you are not losing your mind over the awesomeness that is inside the platform just for you and you let me know within thirty days after the kickoff, I will be happy to refund…no questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join Belief at any time?

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Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

November and December are high season for me, can I watch all the meetings later?

I’m too busy, I don’t have time. This is for me?

I don’t have more money to invest in marketing, why should I invest in Belief?

I don’t speak English fluently, I will have problems?

Can I join with my agency, not my name?

I have a partner and we want to both join, but only with one account, is that possible?

How do I get a free ticket to the Belief Live in Italy?

Do you have an agenda of things that will happen inside the community?

Partnership Built On Trust

Our friendship with the international press is amazing, and Belief members are been featured everywhere. Some of the places that you can find us!

Act before it's too late

Doors close on  October 18, 2019 .

Don’t be out of this!

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